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Paadum Office 2011


Paadum Office, the inter-corporate music competition held regularly in Chennai, is back!

Refer the attached document for the Rules and Regulations. [View document online].

See more updates towards the bottom of the page.

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UPDATE (Jan 18, 2011)

Here are some additional / modified rules for Paadum office 2011:

· Classical group can have a minimum of 3 participants, not 6

· There will be no prelims for Classical / Western solo / western group and classical group- there will be direct finals depending on your mail confirmation

· Kindly send in your entries by mail to padumoffice@gmail.com for classical / western solo and group. We need it at the earliest to plan the schedule of events depending on the number of entries.

· The schedule has been revised- instead of 3 days, we will have it on 2 days- 26th Jan and 29th Jan 2011. Venue will be intimated later.

· The schedule is as follows:

26th Jan 2011

Popular Music Prelims (Solo)- 9 am

Western Solo finals- 12 noon

Western Group finals- 3 pm

Popular Music Prelims (group)- 4.30 pm

29th Jan 2011

Classical Music Solo Finals- 9 am

Classical Music Group Finals- 11 am

Popular Solo Finals- 1 pm

Popular Group Finals- 4 pm

· Teams for all categories group music should courier the registration fee with a covering letter to the address mentioned in the rules and regulations sheet

· Accompaniments will be provided for Popular music solo and classical music solo. Karaoke is not permitted for solo prelims under any category.

· Team entries should bring their own instruments for western and classical group.

· Instruments will be provided for popular music group once you mail us your requirements in advance by 21st.

Contact us: padumoffice@gmail.com

UPDATE (Jan 23, 2011)

We will not be having prelims for popular music group... we will be having direct finals for all the teams for 12 mins each - so you can perform 2-3 songs on the 29th of Jan. Venue for both the days will be intimated tomorrow. 

UPDATE (Jan 24, 2011)

The venue for Padum office 2011 on 26th Jan is Lawrence Sundaram Hall, Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai. 

The schedule is as follows:
Registration- 9 am 

Popular Solo Prelims- 9.30 am
Western Solo FInals- 3.30 pm
Western Group Finals- 5.00 pm

Please bring your office ids for registration. 

UPDATE (Jan 27, 2011)

The venue for 29th  (Finals) will be Sir Pitty Thiyagaraja Hall, GN Chetty Road, T Nagar.

Classical Solo and group participants, please email 
with your entries and phone numbers by end of tomorrow. Popular Solo finalists kindly send your songs for the finals. Karaokes are permitted and accompaniments will be provided. Drum kit will be provided for the bands. 

UPDATE (Jan 28, 2011)

Please find the schedule for tomorrow below.

9.30 - Classical Solo and group (FInals)
11.30 - Popular Solo Finals (Female)
12.30 - Popular Solo Finals (Male)
2.30 - Popular Group Finals

Registration will open at 9 am sharp. You can bring your family and friends to the venue. The venue will be Sir Pitty Thiagaraja Hall , GN Chetty Road, T Nagar, Chennai

Guest 1651 - days ago 
When will be the venue announced? Will the prelims be telecasted in vijay tv?
Ramesh (Guest) 1651 - days ago 

As soon as I know the venue, I will update this page.
And as far as I know, there is no TV coverage this time.
Guest 1651 - days ago 
So no Orchestra / Karoke for Popular Solo Prelims?
Guest 1651 - days ago 
During 2008, we had Solo (Elimination), Solo (Prelims) and Solo (Quarters) before Solo(Final). Do we have only Solo (Prelims) and Solo(Finals) this year?
Guest 1651 - days ago 
Hi We are band from Cognizant and would like to participate. Can i have the contact number and procedure to register.
Ramesh Sripathy 1651 - days ago 
There might be basic accompaniment for prelims. Not sure. Please contact the email given above.

During 2008, it was covered by Vijay TV and hence you had various rounds. This time there is no TV coverage. So, only prelims and finals, I believe.

Cognizant: I have given the email above. padumoffice@gmail.com. Please contact this email id. I am not sure if I can share the phone number on a public site. Give your email id if you want to know the phone number.


Note: I am a participant as well. I am not the organizer. I am just facilitating by maintaining this wiki.
Ramesh Sripathy 1651 - days ago 
@Cognizant: The contact phone number is available in the attached Rules and Regulations document: https://paadumoffice.wiki.zoho.com/_attach/1.0/Paadum-Office-2011/RULES&REGULATIONS-2011.docx
Guest 1647 - days ago 
so how many participants for the event classical group?any idea??
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