Here are the results for events that happened on 26th Jan at Loyola College, Chennai.

Popular Solo Finalists:

Male :
  1. Srinivasan- Uninor
  2. Vijay Krishnan- Cognizant
  3. John Vianni- RBS
  4. Shreyan- Accenture
  5. Jayakrishnan- Accenture
  6. Baranidharan- Zoho
  7. Satish- Ford
  8. Karthik- Infosys
  1. Malar- Infosys
  2. Vidya Chandrasekar- Accenture
  3. Sarayu- Accenture
  4. Anusha Pradeep- Ford
  5. Sandhya- Infosys
  6. Vijayalakshmi- Zoho
  7. Srimathy- Accenture

Western Solo - Winners

1st Prize: Sam - RBS
2nd Prize: Charles- HSBC
3rd Prize: Nisha Lee- RBS

Western Group - Winners

1st Prize: Cognizant
2nd Prize: RBS
3rd: Ford

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